Connie C. Scharon

                             Highland Legends 

The Highland Legends series brings 1300s Scotland alive with tales of romance, intrigue, witchcraft, time travel, and warring clans. Each story stands alone, but characters from the other books reappear across story lines. Get caught up in the Highland Legends as you live the tales of the Scottish clans.

Experience Asilinn's kidnapping, Devon's  struggle with the demons from her past, Skye's heavenly trip into the future to marry the Archangel Gabriel, Samantha's journey into the past to find the love of her life, Ian's imprisonment by a woman who captures his heart, Brianna's forced marriage in a castle haunted by an ancient Viking ghost, and Mya's rescue by a man that becomes her beloved pirate lord.

Books in the series have hit the Amazon Scottish Historical Romance and Medieval Romance Top 100 Best Sellers lists.