Connie C. Scharon

My life changed forever when my parents invited our whole family to visit the British Isles with them one summer. I fell in love with Scotland the moment I saw it. Subsequent trips back to the land where I felt so at home enticed me to set my tales in 1300s Scotland. Thus began the Highland Legends books, although I would not dub them that until much later.


Even though my love for Scotland permeates many of my novels, I have also written some mysteries both with and without paranormal elements. I currently have five books out, four Highland Legends books and one Murder Mystery.

Special thanks to all my readers. You have made my dream a reality by supporting my writing habit. Read and enjoy.


From as early as I can remember, I loved storytelling. I never expected that passion to result in a series of books. After graduating from Towson University, I began a career in the medical field, but the little nagging voice in my head would not be silent. My husband encouraged me to pursue my passion, so in my spare time I began learning all I could about writing. The first novel I wrote was in spiral notebooks tucked in my bedside table. After all, you never know when an idea may hit you. It could be in the middle of the night.